SMS entre dos



  •  Tu mami se despertó y ya sabes lo que quiere? Como protesta y con gritos!!!
"mamy is sleeping now"

My soul redemption

  • What if you slept? And what if, in your sleep, you dreamed? And what if, in your dream, you went to heaven and there saw a beautiful baby? And what if, when you awoke, you had the baby in yours arms? AH, WHAT THEN?


Quiero que Chloe tenga un hogar adonde hay amor y no odio. I want Chloe to have both of her loving parents. Daddy, yes we will wait for you. But, you need to hurry up. I want to meet you. Have some memories of you. Mamy says I look like you and that you love me very much too.


ζζ fair you kept your word thank you. Brujito I’m sorry for not keeping my promise to you. I Wasn’t happy about the decision either. Again I’m sorry I knowζζ
I really appreciate all your effort. I know you are trying really hard to help us. Brujito I hope you can forgive me for under estimated you. So that doesn’t make things right. Brujito I love you.
You renounce yourself? Of what?

                                                                                                                                       Even now

Your mami say she can’t wait for to carry her in your arms and give lots hugs and kisses and tell her you love here.

between 56

Chloe say to me tell my daddy I love him very much & to give him a lot of kisses. Amor Chloe ask me to ask you when will come visit her?


 I gave your little mami lots of kiss for you. I tell her every night how much you love her. I love you too kisses. Chloe love you too, I tell her everyday about you.Thank you for loving us the way you do. I know don’t say it enough like I should. Your enanita was talking to me and smiling. She was happy. She say tell my daddy I love him and can not wait to meet him. I tell Chloe how much you love and that someday we will be togheter as family. You just don’t know how I really wish things were different but, it isn’t. I’m always thinking of you. Yes brujito we both need especially Chloe.

Daddy my mommy is feeding me and putting me back to sleep & I didn’t cry! Love you daddy! :* I tell Chloe you love her more then your life. Bueno amor me voy a descansar. I’m always wondering about when will be the next time I’ll see you. Ireally wish it would be tomorrow but, I know we to wait. Chloe say dady.. daddy wake up and feed me!!! But, daddy didn’t hear her crying he kept sleeping  zzz(=|(=|

 Thanks a lot I would wish you would believe in reality. Because I’m not fantasy anymore we are REALITY! I give your enanita kisses

Omg … I was felling asleep I was having this dream: you and I was in the car but, you hurry up and got out the car. Then this man got in the car he was trying to take Chloe from me and I had gun and I shot the man then I was trying to get out the car but, the man won’t let Chloe go he was holding on to her leg. I was trying to scream but, I couldn’t hear my voice nothing was coming out. I was screaming for HELP…


Pero tu te dejas perturbar por mucha cosas.

 I understand what you saying but, we both know deep down inside of us this wasn’t the way we wanted things to be. Because you  would of made the change by now. I think you are just afraid like me and don’t admit it. Its easy to say things then getting then done! Brujito I really wish you would of one things differently I think we would of been togheter by now. Like you always say fight for what you believe in. Chloe dice que tengas un buen día te quiere un monton y tambien un fuerte abrazo y un beso :*.


I love so deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice and the way we touch. I love your warm smile and your kind, thoughtful way, the joy you bring to my life everyday. I love you today as I have from the start, and I’ll love forever with all my heart and soul.
It’s not about the age it’s all about the love and feelings you have for the person. Do you want to finish this because of your age?  Are you undecide of the love you have for for me?
No, you say you was going to visit your nieces. Afther that you was leaving to Piura. Amor si que está bien mal. Have you slept last night? I hope your doctor tell you. You have to stay in the hospital and your operations will be next.
re maybe you are afraid de que nos fallemos a uno al otro? Amorcito what think about this proposal of the money? Are do you think its soon for us?
I’m sorry sorry for that i said this morning. I know u love me. Pero yo quiero ya estár contigo. But I know i have to wait. Brujito yo te quiero mucho con todo mi corazón. Tu brujita
My love i went to church today and I prayed for us. I feel good. Juan I love I you so much.
Amorcito te quiero…. all the dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.
You wouldn’t do nothing! But to live your life or maybe find other woman to share your life with. The only thing that matter is we have each other. We have to rush your doctor to operate you. So we can start our family. Buenas noche brujito pregunta soy realmente tu amor de tu vida? Y como sabes que soy? I still love you very much. Tu brujita
Juan gracias por esa lindas palabras pronto we will be together for ever. I still say I LOVE you more! Te adoro.
Brujito with everything you told me today I feel even more depress, because that mean more wait. Juan ya no quiero espera mas I just want to be with you. Remember the night we was talking about the situation I was living here in the house. That why I was crying because, I know I’m the blame for the way I’m living and it’s not right.
I had a bad dream last night: I dream Chruella and I went out to eat. We were waiting to get valet parking and 2 man came out of nowhere and stub the man for the money. I was crying & try to scream but I couldn’t here my voice it went numb. Then I told the man to pls let us go that, we were not going to say anything to the police. I could’t believe it. I wake up and I wanted to cry but, I couldn’t. Tenía mucho miedo. Brujito tell how was your day with Karina. What happen with the suit case are you sure u left it there? And where was Gina? What time will you arrive to Chiclayo & how long will u stay there?
I love you and you’re not going to be the loser. Ok! Tu Brujita
De que te falta conjones i knew  your love was totally different from mine. You really clarify your feelings. Because you as a man of honor your world should guarantee.. plus you say have enough “balls” to face up what you want right?
Lo dice todo.








  1. MellTremblay · febrero 18, 2012

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  2. Muneca · enero 23, 2012

    Que alegria saber que estas muy bien y ahora ya tienes una relacion, me imagino que con ello vas a filosofar mucho mas, trata de hacer las cosas bien, para que seas muy feliz, ya tienes tu muneca, saludos

  3. miami chiropractors · agosto 23, 2011

    Well, all things considered…

    • Juan Barreto Talledo · octubre 16, 2011

      No, not all things considered because there are more, but thanks.
      Nota: SMS entre dos, es eso mismo, entre dos. Do you know whom?


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